Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Service

When should we reach out to you?

We advice to reach out to us at least two months in advance for media and campaign launch. For publication, we recommend contacting us one month before the manuscript due. For animation production, please contact 3-5 months ahead of time. This would secure us the necessary time to prepare and create quality content.

How long does it take to create an illustration?

Depending on the complexity and the number of illustration, the process can take anywhere between 3-weeks to 2-months. The timeline includes edits and reviews.

How long does it take to create an animation?

Very generally, animation can take up to 3-4 months to complete. Medium (2D or 3D), complexity, and length of the animation can contribute to extend the production time. This includes storyboard, character sheets, reviews and edits, and not include time to develop a script.

What are your prices?

The pricing is based on the timeline, budget, and the complexity of the visual aid. Each project is unique and we offer tailor-made service that is best for your needs. To get an accurate quote, feel free to reach out to us and share your ideas!

Who do you reach out for media coverage and guest lectures?

For appearance, interview, speaking, and media requests, please contact

Are you hiring or looking for an intern?

We always love to connect with a talented individual who we can potentially work together with! If you think you are a good fit, please drop us a note at

About The Profession

I am interested in pursuing medical illustration. Any good resources?

We recommend visiting Learn Medical Art to learn more about career paths in medical illustration. They cover schools that offer medical illustration programs globally, job openings, strategies, podcasts, and more!

How did your team member decided on the school they attended?

We considered factors such as below when deciding what programs to attend.

  • The school’s strength (emersive technology vs. traditional art, what field in science, etc.)
  • Alumni and current student’s opinion
  • Number of students and faculty
  • The faculties' expertise
  • Impression after speaking to the admin and faculty
  • Curriculum
  • Tuition and Financial aid
  • Location

Keep in mind that ultimately, you are choosing an environment that suits your wants and needs the best. Check out each school’s website and contact the director/admin to learn more.

Is there any advise for an international student?

Our team indeed has a former-international student! We recommend weighing options primarily based on visa and job prospect, as it is hard to stay in the country without them. Ideally, prepare a place to fall back on if you have to leave the country.

I am considering taking the CMI. Is it worth it?

Like many certificates, having a Certification of Medical Illustrators (CMI) can be a great plus. That said, in our personal experience, our clients and former employers rarely asked for our CMI when being considered for an opportunity.