The enhancers in radial glia controling cortical neuron position

Project Details

  • Client :
    Harvard Medical School
  • What We Did :
    Journal Cover
  • Tools Used :
    Photoshop, Cinema 4D
  • Completed on :
    June 2018
  • Skills :
    Digital painting, 3D modeling

The Enhancers In Radial Glia Controling Cortical Neuron Position

This illustration accompany a manuscript “The Epigenetic State of PRDM16-Regulated Enhancers in Radial Glia Controls Cortical Neuron Position” published in Neuron. The illustration depicts the finding that the DNA enhancers in the radial glia determines the location of the cortical neurons.

Step 1: Science download

We sat down to understand what the client envisioned in their journal cover. As well as reading the unpublished manuscript to understand the concept, a sketch is provided by the client to understand their concept.

Step 2: Sketches

Based on our initial deep-dive, we created several versions of the sketch that aligns with the client's view. We provided a wide range of styles to find the one that matches the look and feel that the client is looking for.

Step 3: Initial render

Taking into account the feedback from the client, we proceeded to the 3D sketches to finalize the details. Here, we show some evolution towards the final layout.

Step 4: Asset building

Simultaneously with the initial render, assets have been built to provide a consistent look in the final image. Here, we used Cinema 4D and Zbrush to create an organic look of the neurons.

Step 5: Feedback

The client and the team went back and forth to ensure scientific accuracy while clearly conveying the conceptual message that the cover holds.

Step 6: Final touch

Finally, we made decisions on the small details that could be editable in Photoshop. Here, we showed the evolution on the regional highlight in the global axis.

Final Deliverable