Scientific Figure

We build highly technical scientific figures that communicate the concept behind the research precisely and accurately.

This service is helpful for:

  • Journal Publications
  • Poster Presentations
  • Lectures

Communication Strategy

We organize information visually and design communication strategy to deliver your message strong.

This service is helpful for:

  • Funding
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Project Planning


We combine motion, design, and visual effects to show the complexity of the science in a clearer manner.

This service is helpful for:

  • Journal Publication
  • Lecture
  • Funding


Step One: Discovery

What is your story? Discovery allows us to understand your story, the science behind the story, the best means to communicate it to your target audience, and identify the message that shall be delivered to the audience. Planning of communication design and research into the scientific content starts here.

Step Two: Sketch

How does your story look like? We create fast, iterative sketches to experiment the organization of information and different ways to tell the story, as reviewing the scientific accuracy. Sketches are important to maximize the effectiveness of communication.

Step Three: Semi-final art

Semi-final art is the work-in-progress product that shows the iteration of the final art. We share you style, colors, and the look and feel of the final product to give you more context of how the visuals tell your story.

Step Four: Package Delivery

The process doesn't end when the art is done. We add labels and graphic elements to show the story precisely. Files will be formatted and the final package shall be delivered to you for use.